Colleex network meeting – EASA 2018

The EASA has scheduled our Colleex network meeting during the 2018 conference in Stockholm on Thursday 16 August 19:00-20:30, at SÖ-D315.

All delegates are welcome to attend (both those already involved in the network and those wishing to involve in any future activities).

After the meeting we will move to a bar some 10-15 minutes away from the campus for a get-together.

More details will be available on Wednesday and Thursday, but we hope to see  you there!

Agenda for the meeting

  1. Welcome
  2. Past, present and future activities
    1. Introduction to the Collaboratory for Ethnographic Experimentation (#Colleex)
    2. Activities: What have we done so far?
      1. Experimental Collaborations (#xcol) book
      2. 1st Colleex workshop in Lisbon
      3. C. Pussetti (Ed.) (2018). Art-based Ethnography: Experimental practices of Fieldwork, special issue of Visual Ethnography, 8(1).
      4. The documentation of ‘open formats
      5. Other collaborations
    3. Who might we be/become? The network as an open space anyone could take and develop into their own kind of project
    4. Membership
      1. The directory and mailing list update
      2. We invite everyone to join
    5. Any other events, publications or projects from members to be announced?
  3. Colleex presence at EASA 2018
    1. Lab: ‘A lab of labs: Documenting Open Formats
    2. Panel: ‘Peripheral wisdom
  4. Planning future events
    1. Inter-conference year workshop 2019: Proposal to host it in Poland by Eva Rossal and Tomasz Rakowski
    2. Other proposals?
    3. Ideas for 2020 EASA Conference (Network panels or Labs)
    4. Anything from your side?
  5. Open discussion
    1. What is this network to you? What could it be? What do we all wish from it? Some potential threads we could open up as questions:
      1. Current digital infrastructure and how it could be upgraded
      2. Sharing news on the mailing list
      3. Working towards a better integration in common projects
    2. Future collaborations – other conferences, or publications, research, other networks to work with, exhibitions, etc.
  6. The peculiarities of the temporary convening team and its management
    1. How we had envisioned the convening cycles (remaining flexible, and open for anyone to step in; keeping the network alive as long as there is an interest in it)
    2. How do we want to deal with convenorship (expanding the convening team, and the different styles of convening)? How to switch cycles (overlaps, sequence, etc.)?
  7. Any other business (All)
  8. Drinks+Dinner (Venue TBA at the meeting)

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