The Political Critique Dayroom in Cieszyn “On the Border” (Świetlica Krytyki Politycznej “Na Granicy” w Cieszynie)

Venue – Second Colleex Workshop

The workshop venue is Świetlica Krytyki Politycznej “Na Granicy” w Cieszynie (The Political Critique Dayroom in Cieszyn “On the Border”).

It is a social art centre located very close to the border between Poland and the Czech Republic, in a historic part of the town called Cieszyn Venice.

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Choosing Cieszyn for the 2nd #Colleex workshop is not accidental. Located away from big cities, close to the border, “somewhere in between”, metaphorically refers to the kind of workshop we have in mind. Since 2009, the Political Critique Dayroom in Cieszyn has been a place where artists and activists have carried out projects combining education, politics and social activity, creating their own solutions in social work and carefully influencing tricky spheres of life in the area. The idea of the Dayroom was to intervene symbolically in the boundaries dividing the city, diverting attention away from natural boundaries like the Olza river, and toward differences resulting from social tensions and economic inequalities.

From the very beginning, the Świetlica’s team has been organizing regular workshops for children and young people from the nearby area, providing them with long-lasting, consequential educational support. They have also pursued common work on theatrical performances and local festivals. Using the tools of art, culture, politics and education in their work, they actively take part in the local politics. They have also created three children’s books: “Poverty. The Guide for Children “(H. Gil-Piątek, H. Krzywonos, 2010),” Cooperation “(A. Wiśniewska, J. Bozek, J.Ochojska 2013) and” Trust “(A. Cieplak, L. Ostałowska, 2015) .

Currently the team consists of Anna Pluta, Joanna Wowrzeczka, and Natalia Kałuża.



Address: ul. Przykopa 20, 43-400 Cieszyn
Tel.: +420 609 724 500

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Pictures by Anna Pluta (1) & Damian Świńczyk (2, 3). Map gently produced by Political Critique for the occasion.