23-26 May 2023, Barcelona

Over the last decades we have seen an increasing attention, sensibility, and interest among anthropologists, artists, and designers to involve different partners in the co-production of knowledge and share our research endeavours across different publics. Drawing on this impulse, this gathering in Barcelona sets to reflect on and expand upon the forms in which research can be made in plural by exploring the potentials and also limits of sharing (i.e. with those who are counted as not counting for the production of knowledge, peripheral to academia, to economy and to humans).

We take our gathering as an act of “partaging,” going around in company, practicing forms of sharing that might last in time. We approach “sharing” as an everyday operation as well as a form of creativity and of knowledge circulation. The rhetoric of sharing is a key facet within contemporary culture and media life, be it links, images, status updates, etc. Alas, sharing is also the consequence of spending time with others, hence constitutive of social relations and particular forms of documentation and knowledge.

-Tuesday 23

17:30 Book Launch at the University of Barcelona by Alberto Corsín Jiménez and Adolfo Estalella, Free Culture and the City. Event in Spanish.

-Wednesday 24

11:30 La Colla Cuidadora (the caregiver gang).

This is a community of caregivers who recurrently meet to support each other and share resources, time, advice… We’ll meet Xabi Ballesteros at the Centre de Serveis Socials Antiga Esquerra de l’Eixample. C/ Mallorca 219.

15:00 Hangar, center for artistic research and production in a former textile factory of Poblenou. It hosts Lumbung Press, after Documenta 15. We’ll meet Antonio Gagliano at the Carrer Emilia Coranty, 16.

16:45 The library of things (Biblioteca de las coses). An Object-o-thèque where you can borrow things in the same way as you’d take a book out of a library, and then bring it back after a set period. We will Maria at the Ca l’Isidret (Casal, C/ de Josep Pla, 174).

19:00 Aquí. Participatory Urban Design Collective. Meeting Clément Rames y Roger at the Guilemany, Lleialtat 6 (El Raval).

20:30 Colleex conversari throughout aperitives and dinner. Theme of the discussion: How/What to Share. Dinner provided to those who participate in the discussion.

Meeting at the terrace of Kasparo, plaza Vicenç Martorell.

-Thursday 25

13:00 In Can Batlló, we will meet Ibai and visit the local publisher.

14:00 Lunch at the food waste community kitchen with Adria Garcia de Holon at the Can Batlló social space (C/Constitució, 19)

15:30. Then, still in Can Batlló, we will visit the urban garden, and finally at 16:30 the library (meeting Ana Barrachina).

18:00 Book Launch at Elisava by Guy Julier, Economies of Design. Event in Spanish.

-Friday 26

11:00 Visit the Santa Mònica Art Center. They are trying to advance a model of collective curating and to involve its public in decision making. Meeting Enric Puig at La Rambla 7.

13:30 Visit Food Cultura. A platform that connects eating rituals with science, art and tradition. Meeting Antoni Miralda and Desirée Martínez in C/Joan d’Austria, 88.

18:00 Espai Comunitari El Refugi. C/ de Violant d’Hongria Reina d’Aragó, 20. A community garden in the most-densely populated area of Barcelona. The plot, located near a bunker from the Spanish civil war, was originally squatted by the neighbours.


Photo by Joosep Kivimäe