Colleex @ EASA 2020

If attending the upcoming EASA 2020 conference in Lisbon, don’t forget to stop by our #Colleex events: A panel, a lab, and members meeting

Convened by Adolfo Estalella & Francisco Martinez | Discussant: AbdouMaliq Simone

This panel aims at discussing how anthropology and the city may engage in a relation of inventive companionship in shared practices of urban speculation about peripheral forms of urbanism and modes of anthropological inquiry.

Convened by Marie Aline Klinger, Lena Heiss, Lilian Krischer, Leonie Schipke and Tan Weigand

In this lab we will explore new ways of thinking anthropological research through games. Participants will have an online game session of “House of Gossip” and discuss the game experience and the potential of games and game design as a multimodal research method in the field of anthropology. 

  • Meeting

We will also host our annual network meeting in which we will discuss ideas for the next interim workshop 2021.  

Picture: Lasnamäe (2013) by Anne Vatén (used with permission)

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