A Lab of Labs: Documenting open formats – EASA 2018 #colleex lab

Taken from http://laurbanrangers.org/site/malibu

At the next EASA 2018 conference in Stockholm, #Colleex will be convening the ‘lab of labs

Organised by Adolfo Estalella (Universidad Complutense de Madrid); Anna Lisa Ramella (Universität Siegen); Tomás Criado (Humboldt-University of Berlin); and Eeva Berglund (Aalto University), and Mascha Gugganig (Technical University of Munich)

Location SO-F420
Date and Start Time 15 Aug, 2018 at 09:00

Summary (updated version with regards to the one on the programme)*

Let’s explore the experimental, heterodox, imaginative and improvisational world of labs and open formats that get us together. Meetings are one of the fundamental mechanisms for the circulation of academic knowledge. And yet, despite their relevance, in these exchanges we usually resort to the most conventional formats: paper presentations, round tables, etc. This lab has a twofold goal. First, we aim at discussing the relevance of meeting formats as pedagogical spaces for the apprenticeship of ethnographic experimentation. Second, we argue for the need to document these meeting formats so that they may travel, be learnt and reproduced elsewhere.

Hence, this lab is organised in two parts:

i) ‘The Lab is not blah‘, an open discussion foregrounding the value of these formats as ways to experience and share ethnographic practices, along with the need to document them in order for them to become learnable and teachable. Some already produced documentation will be presented, you may find it here.

ii) A hands-on part, where we will propose participants to get involved in documenting some of the labs in the conference (we will approach them for their collaboration in advance). The documentation will be later shared on the Colleex digital platforms.

*  Unfortunately, and due to a conflicting schedule, the Postcards and Ethnography format by Mascha Gugganig (with which we were planning to experiment) will not be taking place.

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