Colleex nodal events throughout 2021

Colleex nodal event #1: Recording Silence

Where: Conference of the German Anthropological Association (GAA/DGSKA), Bremen (online) 
When: 27-30 September, 2021
Who: Anna Lisa Ramella, Jonathan Larcher, Roger Norum

A lab that takes as a point of departure the ways in which experiences of silence are increasingly being created, built, and provisioned for – and subsequently commodified, fetishized, consumed. With sound and silence walks, a recording exercise and a collective listening practice we’ll reflect on the paradoxes and issues raised by the practice of sound recording of silences. Rather than simply considering sounds as disturbances of silence, we consider how we can grasp them in order to tune the silences and sounds of the medium and the environment.

Colleex nodal event #2: Changing Formats for Ethnography

Where: Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Helsinki, Finland)
When: Autumn-Winter 2021-2022
Who: Eeva Berglund and Tomás Criado, possibly Francisco Martinez

A workshop/winter-school/thematic seminar for doctoral-level students interested in ethnographic methodologies at the hinges of anthropology and design: Changing Formats for Ethnography will take place at Helsinki’s Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

We’ll explore open formats related to participants’ projects over several days, with some preparation thrown in, so they can gain credits if they want. Due to ongoing restrictions on gatherings, it’s as yet unclear when or exactly where this event can take place, but we thought we’d flag it up now anyway, in the hope that it won’t be much later than winter 2022.