Getting to Cieszyn from Poland

From large urban centres, you can reach Cieszyn only from Katowice (bus/train) and from Kraków (bus). From Warsaw you must change in Bielsko-Biała, Katowice or Zebrzydowice (it is reachable by train, but then changing to buses or the train of Koleje Śląskie).

Sample routes:

  1. Krakow – Balice Airport (distance: 136km) (easiest). From the airport You take bus or train to the Main Railway Station in Krakow (Kraków Główny) (20 min), then form Main Bus Station(next to railway station) you can take Lajkonik bus to Cieszyn (estimated travel time: 2 h 30 min)
  2. Katowice-Pyrzowice Airport (distance: 112 km): you must take a bus to the city of Katowice (Andrzeja Square), and then take either a bus from BusBrothers (estimated travel time: 1h 30m) or a Koleje Śląskie train to Cieszyn (estimated travel time: 1h 20 min)
  3. Access to Cieszyn from Warsaw: you must take a train to Zebrzydowice, and then either change to a Koleje Śląskie train or take a bus from the LineaTrans line. There is another option: Go to Bielska-Biała, change there to a bus from Lajkonik bus (estimated travel time: 30 min) or LineaTrans (estimated travel time: 50 min)
  4. Access to Cieszyn from Wrocław: take a train to Katowice, then change to BusBrothers or a Koleje Śląskie train to Cieszyn.

Getting to Cieszyn through the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Vienna

Cieszyn is very well connected with the Czech Republic and Slovakia. From Prague, Ostrava, and Brno, you can get to Český Těsín (Czech Cieszyn) via a direct train from the Czech railways (this train station is 1.1 km away from the workshop’s venue, right across the border). The Czech railways also have a Vienna – Český Těsín route with a change in Ostrava-Svinov (Estimated travel time: 4 h).

You can also get to Český Těšín directly by a ZSR train from Slovak cities (Žilina, Košice, Bratislava – one transfer in Žilina).