Background of Colleex network

The #Colleex network emerged out of collaborations and engagements opened up by a series of events since 2013, both in the EASA conferences and elsewhere in which a number of anthropologists and other professionals (like artist, architects, etc.) evinced their interest in pushing the limits of conventional forms of anthropological fieldwork. The events not only made visible these concerns but experimented with the appropriate pedagogical formats and academic venues to undertake the discussion of this topic. Some participants in the network have taken part in the process of editing the forthcoming book as part of the Berghahn’s EASA Book Series: Experimental collaborations: Ethnography Through Fieldwork Devices.

These are some of the events that led to the creation of the network:

Anthropologies of collective design experiments

Ethnography as collaboration/experiment

CLEENIK: clinic of anthropological ethnographic experiments in fieldwork

Experimental collaborations. Anthropological engagements with art, activism and technoscience.


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